Research Seminar 29 September 2022 - ‘“BU-TTS: An Open-Source Bilingual Welsh-English, Text-to-Speech Corpus.”

Our monthly Language and Language Technologies seminar series will recommence for the new academic year at 3pm on Thursday 29th of September at the Duncan Tanner seminar room (39 College Road). Please note the change from the last Friday of the month to the last Thursday.

The invited speaker will be Stephen Russell from the Language Technologies Unit and his talk is titled “BU-TTS: An Open-Source Bilingual Welsh-English, Text-to-Speech Corpus

The talk will be given in English however bilingual questions and discussions following the talk will be welcomed.

Don’t forget about the cocktail hour between 4-5 pm following the event. Everyone is also welcome to attend, it’s a great opportunity to network, even if you can’t come to the seminar beforehand!

Publication date: 26 September 2022