Research Seminar 27 October 2022 - ‘“Race and Ethnicity Terminology”

The second seminar in our Language and Language Technologies seminar series (2022-23) will be held at 3pm on Thursday 27th of October at the Duncan Tanner seminar room (39 College Road).

The invited speaker will be Professor Delyth Prys from the Language Technologies Unit, her talk is titled “Race and Ethnicity Terminology”. Professor Delyth Prys is chair of a Welsh Government group looking at suitable Welsh terminology to be used in relation to matters of race and ethnicity. This group includes Welsh speakers who are members of various ethnic communities in Wales and emphasizes the importance of terminology use which is acceptable for members of those communities. This seminar will therefore provide an opportunity to discuss some of those terms and to understand more about the consultation and decision-making process with regards to such terminology. The seminar will be held in Welsh, and a warm welcome is extended to learners.

Don’t forget about the cocktail hour between 4-5 pm following the event. Everyone is also welcome to attend, it’s a great opportunity to network, even if you can’t come to the seminar beforehand!

Publication date: 24 October 2022